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Is Your Business Drying Up On The Vine?

Use The Power Of Search Engine Marketing To Reach Your Ideal Clients

"Finally! Never-Ending Pipeline Of New 'Ready-To-Buy' Clients - GUARANTEED! (Even If Everything Else Has Failed)!!"

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Dear Fellow Entrepreneur,

I've Been Where You Are!

Keeping your business doors open is crazy hard in these unpredictable times.

Right now, You're most likely so perturbed about as to when your next client / customer will either Call or Walk-in!

Burdened down and yet, truly sleeping like a one-year-old (waking up every two hours crying).

And, not to mention, the "bags" you constantly have packed under your eyes from all the unpredictability.

And, like there's not anything else happening in your life at the moment...

You're being drawn in ninety-eight different directions...

Goodness Gracious!

Should I Facebook? Hire A Marketing Agency From India?

Buy A D-I-Y SEO Kit? Archive my whole life on Twitter?

Should I run some ads? Invest $3k on another logo? Post on Linked-In one-time per hour?

Yep, and I almost forgot... I need to build a dazzling new website to impress my competitors...

Oh yeah, baby! That's exactly what I'm going to do!

That's the magic ticket to find more clients and to keep my business open.

*Someone Please Wake Me Up From This On-going Nightmare!

Hear me now, just about every business owner suffers when a new far-fetched fangled opportunity comes around.

Hey, I'm going to "try this" and "try that"... until I go broke... that is!

In the meantime, your business and home-life is totally out-of-control!

Have You Had Enough Yet?

Look, I know It's Not Your Fault!

You've tried everything that lil' sales huzzy offered... she said it would work for me, yeah right!

You're consuming this letter right now because, I'm perfectly describing your current business (and, you didn't think anyone else would understand).

Even tho' you've put in sixty-plus hours this week and given it your best shot... just waiting... just hoping... for your big break!

Maybe I should zig instead of zag...

Kicking the cat, pushing your employees too hard...

You just want to experience -- Normal Life Again!!!

More Thomas Jeffersons and Ben Franklins!

A Safe and Sound Future...

More Family Time...

A Real Vacation (With Pay)!

Whatever your dream was, when you started all of this ruckus, that is. LOL

I've got some Great-News for You...

"There Is Relief For Your Storm-Shattered World!"

You really meant well... but misinformation has kept you in constant turmoil.

Here is what is True About Our Marketing Strategies:

  • Daily New Emails from people that are "ready-to-purchase" your product or service.

  • A Steady-flow of New Clients / Customers on a Weekly-basis.

  • Regardless, of Who is in the White House and the nut-cases in the House and Senate...you can experience True Business Growth.

  • And, you won't have to work Seven-days a week to achieve these kind of results!

  • Business will run like clock-work because you have implemented the Right Systems...

  • All of this Starts... the moment... You Choose...

    To Change Your Ideas...

    Forget the Lies Of Traditional Advertising...

    and choose to make "The Right Call"!

    Yes Greg, I Want To Have A Quick Chat On The Phone With You.

    New Leads & Clients Every Day, Every Week, Year After Year!

    Digital Marketing Guarantee

    My Call Me Crazy Iron-Clad Guarantee

    I put in 110% effort on each individual project, so I’m convinced that you will love my work. Therefore, I am offering you an unconditional 100% money-back guarantee. If I do NOT produce New Page 1 Rankings on Google (In Less Than 60 Days), Amazing Visibility, AND New Customers for you, I’ll refund every penny you paid, with absolutely no questions asked. You Have NOTHING To Lose!


    Greg Melancon

    Digital Marketing Expert

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